Deal With Post Break Up Depression

breakup adviceThe most common belief about love is that it hurts more than it makes us happy. But if we give it another thought we will realize that its not love that hurts, but actually its rejection, ignorance, unfaithfulness etc. that hurts. Love always makes us happy, makes us feel good. But when the negative things start to take over and love weakens that’s when we feel the pain. A bad relationship can cause a lot of pain. So its always a good idea to come out of a harmful and wrong relationship. True love would never make you cry, intentionally.

Its hard to call it off, but you know you have to, because it is not working. There can be a large number of reasons for a couple to end a relationship. Sometimes it ends on a mutual term, because both persons feel that their relationship is not going anywhere. In these cases its slightly easier to come to terms with the break up. But it feels worse when someone cheats on you or leaves you just like that. Women usually fear the post break up depression and loneliness. After a break the sudden vacuum that is created in one’s life is hard to deal with. Nothing seems alright. When one thing goes wrong everything else also seems to be overhauled. The good times that you spent together appears like a distant dream. Your chest feels heavy and the days are gloomy. But its not the end of everything. Its just a part of the life.

1)      When we really love someone its very tough to let that person go. But sometimes for our own good. A decayed tooth hurts a lot but if it is plucked out, it gives us relief. Its similar with a bad relationship. The post break up phase can be depressing, but its just a phase, and you would get over it with time.

2)      The first few days you would need some one to talk to, with whom you can share what you are going through. Let the person be someone who knows you very well. It can be your parents, or a friend. Blurt it out, you would feel light.

3)      Engage yourself in creative activities. Do whatever you love to do. That way your mind will be diverted. You would think about him, whenever your mind is free. If you let it wander, it would go and get stuck to him. You can read books, watch movies, not boring and sad ones, but faster and happy ones, comedy movies, you can go out for shopping or do anything that pleases you.

4)      Don’t keep things that reminds of him, like his pictures, or gifts that he gave you or anything of that sort with yourself. Don’t treasure them, give them away to someone or just dispose it off. The more you would think about him the more it will be difficult for you to come out of it. So whenever he pops up in your mind, change the thoughts

5)      If there had been any misunderstanding between you two, then try to sort it out by communicating, but if every effort from your side fails, give up. May be he isn’t willing to sort out things. And don’t feel bad, atleast you tried to save it. You did your part. So be satisfied.

6)      Try to analyze if it was actually your fault or not. Don’t be too egoistic. Think over what actually happened and what drove him to take such a decision. If it was actually your fault, then show him that you realized your mistake and it won’t happen again. He might forgive you and you can get him back. But if it wasn’t really your fault and if it just seems like an excuse that he gave just to get rid of, you should better let go of it. But don’t jump into a conclusion without trying to know what really went wrong.

7)      If he couldn’t keep his promise and left you mid way then don’t expect that he would return. Don’t wait for him to come back. This is the biggest mistake most women do. It wont let you move on and you will keep waiting for him. If he realizes his mistake and has to come back he will, but at the same time he might not as well. If you keep waiting for him, you will be stuck there forever.

8)       If he is the one who deserted you, then he has lost something, not you. And if you were compelled to end the relationship then there must have been some very good reasons behind your decision. Don’t keep hard feeling for him, it would cause more pain.

9)      You are the only one who can counsel yourself the best because you know yourself the best. Make yourself see reasons. Make yourself stronger. If the guy played with your feelings, cheated on you then the best way to for get him is by telling yourself that you are wasting your tears on someone who was never yours.

10)    Spend time with people to whom you are very close and who know you the best. If you are with people who care for you won’t feel lonely. Chat with them, go out with them, engage yourself in a group activity.

11)    If you love pets then you can spend more of your free times with them also. Play with them, take care of them. Studies have shown that pets help in tackling depression.

12)   Don’t keep a track on what is going on in his life. You will forget all about your own life. Live your life the way you want to. And let him live his. If you keep looking for information on him you won’t be able to move ahead in life. In order to start a new life you have to let go of your past completely.

A break up doesn’t mean that there is nothing more left to your life. Look around, there are so many people who love you unconditionally and who need you. You are not alone. Its alright if a relationship didn’t work out well. Don’t keep any regret. When you are in a relationship, do your part well. Try to understand your partner and make him understand you. A relationship needs to be nurtured by both the sides. And if it breaks even after all the efforts you put in, then may be it was not meant to be.


Tackling Break up Blues

GIRLS : I kept wailing all night. Woke up with puffy eyes, sobbing in my heart, I reached office. I kept my brave face on while my red, wet eyes said it all. I kept crying all the way back home from office and then as night fell, I grew restless. Yet again I gave him a call, sobbing and begging him to come back.
Does this sound familiar to you?  Is this you?

GUYS : Have you gotten home all drunk and crying one night? Have you called up your ex Girl friend and abused her, yelled at her? Have you hooked up with a random stranger just for forgetting her? Hav you actually cried for a girl?
Has this happened with you lately? Is this you ?

Break up is hard to deal with.

break up photoA broken heart is the most difficult to mend. Somebody lovelorn said that trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew. How true it is? Breakups don’t just separate two people in love; it kills a little bit of each of the person. When a relationship falls apart, the emotional blow is very hard to handle. In some cases, people who have been together for years choose to separate ways because it feels like the “wise thing to do” in the moment. And then, it is even more painful.

Your mind just cannot stop itself from going back to the memory lane. Those good times and bad, the laughter you shared, the tears you cried, the dinners you went to, the drives you took- it all comes back to you. Every little thing around you reminds you of him and life starts looking like a hell.

IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE but trust me, if you were dumped/cheated or you separated ways, the point is to MOVE ON! Nothing good will come by whining and crying over a failed relationship. It will only be causing you more pin and more misery.

Make some positive changes in your life.
The best solution to a break up is a temporary new engagement. The cue to getting over a bad break up is to keep you busy. Get engrossed in your work place, or join a hobby class. The point is to keep you busy from thinking about him. The more occupied you are, the less you will be thinking of him.

Seek comfort in your friends and family.
Family and friends can sometimes turn out to be your biggest supporters during a break up. Stay around them and share your feelings. You will be surprised to see the immense love and support.

Avoid doing a post mortem.
Never do a post mortem of your relationship post break up. There is no point thinking and analyzing what went wrong if there are no hopes of a comeback left. It will only make you more sad and remorseful.

Be open to dating again.
Being open to dating post break up doesn’t mean catching the first bus as it comes. Keep yourself available to dating and new potential relationships. But don’t jump at the arrival of any random person in your life.

Stay Strong.
Break ups generally leave us vulnerable and needy. This comes across as a vulnerability period for you. Do not let any one play with your feelings since your wounds of the break up are fresh. You may easily fall into traps and will only end up hurting yourself.

Plan your life.
To keep your schedule tight and packed, leaving no space for loneliness and sadness, plan your moves in your life. Make new plans, new stimulus and seek the opportunity of meeting new people.

Boost your confidence.
The worst effect of a break up is on one’s self confidence. Do not allow your confidence to be low at any time. Long back one of my professors in college told us that after a break up make sure that you have lots of cash in your wallet at all times. Do not spend much but keep good amount of currency in your purse/wallet. Getting a makeover is another point. Look your best, get a haircut, shop for new clothes, and wear a new perfume. It will all give you a good feeling of self esteem and confidence.

Lastly, no one knows what is best for you more than you yourself. Trusting one’s intuition and going ahead with the life will make it all easier for you. It must be remembered at all times that Love will come around again. He/She was not the last person you loved and will not be so in the future. If you keep looking back at what you have lost, you are surely going to miss it. So look forward, wear the best smile and concentrate on getting the most out of your life. A positive and happy personality will attract a likeminded person. Believe that you deserve to be happy. Believe that you will one day find a person who will be by your side no matter what happens.

God has made the perfect one for you and he is going to let you both meet. The sooner you move on from the wrong ones, the quicker you will meet the real one.

I would  like to quote a song by Ross Copperman :

It’s everything you wanted, it’s everything you don’t
It’s one door swinging open and one door swinging closed
Some prayers find an answer
Some prayers never know
We’re holding on and letting go.

Your Social Circle influences your weight to a huge extent

Believe it or not, the level of your weight is highly influenced by those in your social circle. It might sounds interesting yet unbelievable but yes, the way you choose to have your circle have a huge impact upon your weight, research says! So, you better make sure that the closest in your orbit tip the scale on your behalf by keeping the following guidelines in mind:


A lately conducted research came to a conclusion that when female co-workers started to team up for losing weight, they tend to stay more focused on their exercise routine and reduced more pounds early on. Request your workplace to give a go to an official fitness program. It has been shown by studies that they are great for motivating employees to target and meet their fitness goals while also lifting up the productivity level at the same time. Otherwise you could simply get started your own Super Loser-type office competition, competing with the weekly weigh-ins or maybe something like lunch-hour challenges including spin classes, yoga sessions or power walking.

Your Dog

Much to your surprise, walking your pet will shed some weight. According to a study conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia, United States, volunteers who managed to get their furry pal to walk for like 30 minutes 5 times a week experienced a weight loss of 6kg the following year. During not-so-favorable-weather, try playing some regular indoor games with your pet dog, like chasing him/her all the way up and down the stairs, to help burning up your greasy weekend fry-up.

Your Company

Another study held in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that the friends that you have got in your circle can lift your chances of gaining pounds by a huge 57 percent. Marisa Moore, professional nutritionists, says “Women are likely to match the behavior of each other at the dinning table”. Let your dear friend make the order first – she might develop a feeling of pressure for setting a good example, and you will pursue her lead perhaps. Also, make sure to not invite your entire posse as the more friends you are likely to have in your table, the more pounds you will be building up.

Your Partner

Well, surprising to know that your partner or room-mate beats your best mate when it comes to encouraging your weight gain. According to research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States, women living with partner tend to maximize their odds of becoming over-weight by a BIG 63 percent. But on a bright side, couples or room mate also have quite easy time shedding weight off because researches show that people are likely to begin exercising by 50 percent if they got the company of their partner. Going out with your partner for cycling, running or swimming will be of great help when it comes to losing weight.

7 Natural Ways to Burn Fat and attain your Weight Loss goal

weight loss fastWant to get rid of those extra pounds? Are you sick of holding your stomach as inside as possible just because he won’t notice it? Don’t want to be that joke character among your friends? Simply say, want to burn your body fat as soon as possible and yes, in a truly natural way? Well, burning fat, if tried real hard, isn’t an impossible goal to accomplish but burning it naturally is something that is real worth your dedication and will keeps you healthy on a long term. Sudden weight loss isn’t good for your health either. You are supposed to eventually put off those pounds slowly yet steadily. Below is a list of 7 no-nonsense yet natural ways to fat burn and attain your weight loss goal:

1. Reduce Salt Intake:

I understand if you feel like you can’t live without salty foods but hey, if you really don’t want to keep yourself inside that circle of fat chicks, you need to reduce your salt intake. I am not suggesting you to completely avoid salty foods. All I am asking you is to limit its intake as much as possible. It will be of great help in reducing your abdominal fat to a great extent.

2. Cardio Exercises:

Well, it will give your lazy ass a go and help you  undergo some weight loss! So, you better get started with some cardio exercises ASAP. You may try running, swimming, skating, dancing, aerobics, and so on. You might find it boring if you stick to one of these only so try to do quite a few of them followed by certain routine.

3. Eating Behavior:

Your eating behavior highly determines the level of fat building up in your body. Try to adapt it in such a way that will encourage as low fat build up as possible. It is advised for you to take a fewer meals only or take meals little by little rather than eating a few plates at a time. Avoid sweet drinks and chocolate, of course. You may get in touch with a dietitian to know about the best eating pattern for you.

4. Never Skip a Breakfast:

Oh yeah! Sometimes eating even does wonder with your weight loss program. Never think of skipping your morning breakfast. I understand if you are running out of time all the time but make sure to not skip your breakfast if you are serious about your weight loss.

5. Green Tea:

A few cups of green tea each and every day and you really can experience quite a effortless yet surprising weight loss in the near future. Green tea will actually boost up your metabolism rate resulting faster weight loss. Therefore, forget all those energy drinks, juice, coffee and black tea today onward, takes green tea instead.

6. Increase green vegetables:

True my dear, green vegetables also help in burning your body fat to some extent. Vegetables are always considered to be a subject to healthy eating behavior. It does wonder with weight loss case too.  If you take dark green vegetables including green beans, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, celery and lettuce, to name a few, you may expect a nice fat burning phenomena getting started in your body.

7. Intense Workouts:

Cardio exercises will help you burn fat and experience weight loss on a long term but with intense workouts, you can expect your body fat to decrease to a huge extent in just a couple of weeks. You may even participate in sports like football, basketball or racquet ball maybe as they are of great assistance to help you burn your body fat.


Tips to lose weight fast without crash dieting

Who isn’t searching for a magic potion that can result in fast weight loss? After all, isn’t being more fit and healthy what we all seek? But losing weight is not such a difficult process…at least in theory it isn’t! What does best weight loss entail? It simply involves burning off more calories than you consume every single day, and before you start thinking we are trying to encourage you to go for crash diets, No…we are offering you a safer and better approach to permanent weight loss. And we all know that crash diets never give you permanent weight loss.

crash dietWith winters going full swing, we all are bundled in thick overcoats and jackets and enjoying warm comfort food. But what about when summer comes rolling by? You definitely will not fit in those hot summer dresses and those cut off shorts you splurged on last sale season if you continue your winter binging. Only because you can hide behind layers of coat for the time being, doesn’t mean you start thinking. Oh I’ll just go on a crash diet once summer sets in!” That is where your weight gain woes begin. And that is where we will nip them in the bud.

So, go on and read our simple to do tips which will ensure you have a leaner, fitter body by the time summer comes by and your friends envy you not just for your wardrobe choices, but for your body too!

  • To begin with, accept the fact the fast weight loss isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be. There is no magic potion, no wonder pill that can miraculously melt away those pounds you have been packing. Prepare yourself to sweat, to be exhausted and be starved and to be cranky; because that is what it takes to be determined enough to lose all that weight! To be prepared in mind makes your job half as easy – so get motivated!
  • You have heard it said a million times and you have seen movie stars swear by it. Now get ready to practice portion control. Because we promise, there is no way to lose weight until and unless you can control those cravings. And we don’t want you to go on a crash diet or starve your body of the flavors you so love, so we aren’t recommending a strict diet. We just recommend portion control, which means you can eat everything, but only in moderation. Have breads, but a small piece. Have desserts, but only a little portion. If you want anything to go supersize, make that your salad.
  • You can eat everything you want, only reduce the quantity to half. Eating 6 smaller meals is way better for your metabolism than eating 3 larger meals. So, for example, if your breakfast comprised of 3 large eggs, 4 slices of white bread toast smeared with butter and a glass of juice, it is time to make healthier choices. Change your breakfast to 2 egg whites, 2 slices of wholegrain toast and a small cup of milk. And then again, you can have a glass of freshly squeezed juice or a bowl of yogurt at mid-morning. This way, you get 2 smaller meals, both of which are nutritious and healthy as well as satisfying to keep your body energized and free from cravings.
  • Add more fruit and veggies to your diet. If your regular lunch was a cafeteria served sandwich with a large milkshake, time to change that too! Pack a light sandwich made with whole wheat bread and low fat spreads and eat it with a side of salad. For dessert, forget that chocolate bar you love and go for an apple or pear. More fruits in your body mean more fiber. The body needs to work harder to digest food with fiber, which means you burn calories just because you ate that food! Food for thought, huh?
  • Aim for a 30 minute workout, 5 days in a week. This means that you do a workout you enjoy. It could be going to the gym, bicycling, walking, jogging or swimming. Missed one session? Don’t sweat it! Go to the mall and go window shopping instead! All that walking will pay off!
  • Understand the difference between good carbs and bad carbs. You don’t want carbohydrates that are simple – like white breads and pastas. These digest too readily, giving your body too much energy and sugar, which when not utilized gets converted to fat. So stick to complex carbohydrates, like brown rice, wholegrain breads and brown pasta. Even potatoes are a great source of complex carbs, provided you cook them right. Don’t use oil or butter for your potatoes – switch fries for mashed potatoes and see the difference.
  • Aim to have dinner by 7 pm max if you want fast weight loss. This way, by the time you hit the bed your body has digested the food and used up all the energy. If you feel very hungry just before bedtime, munch on an apple.

And that is all! Try our simple tips and we assure you that you will not struggle with your weight anymore!


Liposuction Surgery- Best Weight Loss Procedure for localized fats Issue

In this article, we are about to discuss a lately popular term so-called Liposuction. In case you are wondering what Liposuction actually is, it is a surgical procedure considered to be the last resort for the one having weight loss issue. Liposuction is widely used these days when several proven weight loss techniques are failed to meet one’s weight loss requirements. Normally, women frustrated with excess fat at the abdomen, outer thighs, chin and/or even the fat back; who have tried all those weight loss approaches but are still no close to losing it tend to give Liposuction a try.

According to specialists as well, this surgical procedure is considered to be an ideal solution for suchfemale weight loss issue. In addition to the obvious benefits that come with this surgery, you will be able to prepare your body for summer days for no doubt.


How Liposuction Works?

Well, in order to know how liposuction works, you will have to get an idea on how this operation takes place. To get started with, liposuction features a series of minor incisions in several inconspicuous places of your body. They are normally about a half centimeter in length. The whole logic is to remove the fat from the areas spoiling your appearance to those areas demanding more padding for both health and appearance sake. For instance, the surgery specialist may take out the fat from your chin and end up padding some of it to your wrinkles to give you a fresher, younger feel appearance wise. The areas that lost the fat are treated neatly without leaving any impression at all. This art of fat grafting is known as Liposculpture. This procedure assists in solving the issues related with localized fat without having to undergo any big operation procedure requiring large incisions that may leave unwanted scars.

Liposuction Procedure in Further Detail

Generally, they use a local anesthesia while performing this surgical procedure. Patients will not have to experience any serious post operative pain and bruises, if any, are more than often disappear within 10 days of procedure. Normally, elastic straps or compressive bands are preferred to maintain the pressures on the operated areas for 15-30 days followed by the procedure. Patients are usually suggested to continue their regular activities after a month. Actually, it depends upon the operating level of liposuction and patient’s recovery.

Why Liposuction Best to Perform in winter?

More often, liposuction is performed while in winter. Most doctors suggest this to their patients because people are likely to interfere less with outdoor activities throughout the winter. Also, heat tends to be one of the strong factors in recovery and thus, attaining the effective results of procedure can be comparatively easy during the winter.  Moreover, straps or bands cause less discomfort added by the fact that skin is also less likely to be exposed to the sun during the winter. Last but not least, when summer does knock the door, al the procedure phenomena will already come to an end; patient will be recovered and more than ready to get started with summer fun!

What is the Cost of Liposuction Procedure?

When it comes to costs of liposuction, it normally depends on two major factors. First is the level of fat you are looking to get rid of and number of procedures involved and next is your location, your country. There are several countries where liposuction services is not available at all and if you belong from any of these, your procedure expense will certainly include the airfares to neighbor country where you are supposed to go to give liposuction  a try. However, the national average fee that surgeon tends to charge for liposuction surgery according to ASAPS’s 2010 record is around 2,884 USD whereas ASPS reports 2,769 USD. Staying up to date from website will be more reliable when it comes to understanding the cost of liposuction procedure.

Learn how to Portion Control

We all have heard that portion control is the key to staying fit and healthy. But then, how many of us have tried time and again to control our diet and not go for seconds, only to fail at every attempt? We bet you all have tried the elusive ‘portion control’ and given up on it because you couldn’t resist cravings. Controlling your constant urge to overeat is one of the best things you can do for your health. And we know how tough it is!

But we have a few tips here that work every single time! So if you have tried all healthy diet plans and never stuck to one, we are here to help you eat everything but still maintain your figure by portion control.


Why portion control works?

To begin with, let us discuss why most diets fail. A diet will tell you what to eat and what not to eat. Isn’t that Right? But on a lonely night when all your girlfriends are busy and your man is out of town, what do you crave the most? The things that your best healthy diet suggests you don’t eat! You want some fat burgers, a few pieces of fried chicken legs and a tub of ice cream. Diets don’t work, simply because our mind works in a mysterious way where every time we are under stress, we want to eat what we are not supposed to eat. So what is the solution?

The solution is to never devoid your body of anything you like to eat. Eat everything, just eat in moderation. And for that, you have to learn the art of portion control. When your mind knows that nothing out there is off-limits, you’ll find that cravings surprisingly vanish!

How to portion control?

  • To begin with, you have to understand how much food is enough for you. A rough estimate is the size of your palm. When you start to dole out food in your plate, put a small portion that will fit in your palm. So take a small piece of meat, a small piece of bread and a small portion of the dessert. If you do want to supersize something, make that your salad!
  • Buy smaller dinner plates. Now don’t laugh, we are serious. You can trick your mind in to thinking it has eaten enough if you eat a whole plate full of food. And to do that, you need a smaller plate! Buy a new set so that portion control is no longer a task, it happens naturally.
  • Make it a rule to never go for seconds. Now we don’t mean that you don’t take a second helping ever! Once in a while, like your mom’s famous apple pie or roasted chicken are off the hook here. But on a day to day basis, eat everything on your plate and avoid second helpings. If you have a cook at home, make sure you explain that he/she is not to make more than one portion of a dish for you.
  • When at restaurants, don’t be shy before you ask the waiter the portion sizes. Yes, they might think you are rude or crazy, but that is ok. It is better that you understand the amount of food that you are getting, so you can plan your order in a better way. More often than not, we overeat at restaurants because we hate to see the food go waste. So if you know beforehand that what you have ordered comes in a huge portion, you could ask a friend if you could split it.
  • However, if you often eat alone at restaurants, don’t be shy to ask for a doggy bag. Train your body to stop eating the minute you get the signal ‘Tummy Full’. For that, chew your food properly before you swallow and eat slow, so that when you are full, the message reaches your brain on time. It takes several seconds for your tummy’s message to reach your brain; and fast eaters have often wolfed down a lot more food by then. So eat slowly and only eat as much as you NEED, not as much as you CAN. Leftovers should be taken home in a bag.

Portion control ensures the best weight loss; so if you are serious about staying healthy and following any Fad diet, then portion control is definitely worth a shot!

What should you know about the New Fad – Baby food Diet?

The new kid on the block for female weight loss is the Baby Food Diet. This new fad diet that recently joined the bandwagon of celebrity diets that promise fast weight loss offers much to be explored. So we decided; we’ll spend some time to explore if this fast weight loss diet is really worth your time and money too!

The principle it follows :–

The Baby Food Diet is based on consuming nothing but Baby food, all packed in little jars. It promises a high nutritional value, making it one of the healthy diet plans, while keeping the calorie count for each meal very low. The idea of eating pre-cooked and packaged baby food out of jar has appealed to many women, because it offers the perfect way to restrict caloric intake without compromising on essential nutrients that the body needs. After all, if it is Baby Food, it has to be healthy, right?

Is Baby Food Diet Safe?

What really makes healthy diet plans? Or what really makes a diet designed for female weight loss safe? The fact that the diet doesn’t part with essential nutrients, and a person gets the bare minimum calorie count that is essential to carry out all bodily functions. And well, it is safe to say that the Baby food Diet safely meets both these requirements! Starving from lack of food can make you feel dizzy, give you headaches and even get you down with fatigue and dehydration. But the Baby Food Diet works, because you can eat your fill (maintain some restrictions though) and add a salad of so for more texture and get all the nutrition that your body needs, without the extra calories that any adult meal will always accompany.

fad diet

How does the Baby food diet work?

It is giving your body healthy nutrients, but the small portion sizes are what make this diet real simple. It offers fast weight loss because it follows the rule of portion control, and eating unprocessed food that doesn’t involve any kind of junk or extra fats. After all, it is baby food! So it is easy on the tummy even though it might not be very great to taste. Baby food will not include spices, sugars, and additives for flavoring and so, it is 100% healthy!

A good way to go about it is to eat 1 balanced adult meal (with regular protein, carbs and fats) and 2 baby food meals through the day to achieve your goal weight.

Pros and Cons of Baby Food Diet:

This trend was started by none other than Tinsel town’s celebs, and baby food diet is rapidly making rounds elsewhere. In a dire need to lose excess weight, when people do not see desired results from crash dieting, they resort to new fad diets that are backed by celebs as their last measure. But we would like you to make an informed decision and for that here is a quick look at the pros and cons of baby food diet.

Pros –

  1. No cooking required! Ideal for the working woman who has no time to prepare healthy nutritious meals.
  2. A healthy meal, since it is made for babies and toddlers. Has no preservatives and additives, so can have no unhealthy side effects.
  3. Easily available at supermarkets, so aren’t really a ‘gourmet dish’ or something that is too hard to find.
  4. Doesn’t require special packaging. Add a few jars to your bag and head to work! They don’t even need refrigeration, so can be bought in bulk and carried and used as per convenience.

Cons –

  1. Cannot say the taste is great! Babies can’t eat spices, or even onions and garlic. So basically the food is nothing but unprocessed healthy food, without any flavorings added! Well, there is always a price to pay because nothing can be perfect!
  2. Sometimes, baby food diet might not be the best option for you. If you have any medical issues or take some kind of medication for long term, it is best to talk to a dietician before you start on the baby food diet for fast weight loss.

In conclusion, baby food is bland, unappealing and some time less enticing due to its very nature but if you are determined to achieve fast weight loss, this might be a choice worth considering!


Eat to Lose Weight! Find out the Best Foods That Help you Lose Weight Faster

We all are looking for means and ways for healthy weight loss. For anyone who has struggled with weight gain issues, it becomes important to understand that losing weight is a process that cannot be rushed. Yes, you might find crash diets that offer you fast weight loss, but ask yourself this important question. Are those diets really offering me permanent weight loss? What will happen when I go back to my regular diet? The answers are simple friend! Any quick weight loss technique is not for life, and for the best weight loss  process, you need to make lifestyle changes.

eggs beansWhat you really need is to adopt a more holistic approach where you eat wholesome foods that are low in natural sugars and calories and add more fruits and veggies to your diet that give you the plethora of nutrients your body needs to remain healthy. A well balanced diet will give you energy to workout, build and repair your muscles and help you lose weight faster on a long term basis. But that having been said, did you know that a few foods can bring about weight loss too?! We are sure you haven’t yet explored the world of wonder foods that promise to be your best friends on this weight loss journey. So here they are – foods that help you lose weight.

Research says that many regular every day food items can help you reduce weight. From beans to broccoli, there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right food for your body. The idea here is to increase your rate of metabolism, so your body can fight off excess weight naturally.

1. Eggs

A power house of protein and carbohydrates, eating eggs is a great way to stay in shape. Now leave your morning bagel and croissants breakfast and try out 2 whole scrambled eggs with multi-grain toast.  Not only will you feel full for longer, you will also see that the protein keep your blood sugar levels in check and keeps hunger cravings at bay.

2. Salad

Did you know that salads are the perfect companion for every meal? Why, you may ask now.  The raw fruits and veggies in salad are high in fiber and low in calories. So when you eat salad with regular meals, you end up eating less of the high calorie carbs and proteins and end up adding more nutrients and fiber to your meal. Portion control is not always easy – we all love to stuff our faces till we feel full. So why not stuff it with something healthy like a big salad?

3. Beans

As per a research done by University of California, beans have a special hormone – ‘Cholecystokinin’.  This special ingredient in beans makes it your best friend for faster weight loss. Beans are great for heart health, keep your sugar levels balanced out and reduce cholesterol. Isn’t that enough reason to eat more beans? Not to add, you can cook them up with different recipes for different flavors.

4. Pears

We all thought ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. And apples have always been the favorite fruit for dieter. But now, you have another option! Pears are known to have more fiber and lesser calories as compared to apples. Since both contain pectin, which helps to decrease blood sugar levels, they make sure you don’t snack on unhealthy friend foods between meals.  So go ahead and try a pear instead of an apple for your mid-morning snack and be happy about the change in flavors!

5. Green tea

Green Tea has been used for ages for its antioxidant and slimming effects. It increases your metabolism, which means you burn fat at a much faster rate. It has another health benefit – lower bad cholesterol. Also, green tea can be made in to nice iced teas and hot teas with flavors like mint and lemon, to avoid binging on high calorie foods. Next time you want something to sip on, ditch your favorite colas and try Green Tea instead!

6. Vinegar

We bet you have heard many models claim, “I drink a shot of vinegar before my meal to stay in shape”. Wondered what that is all about? Let us enlighten you! Vinegar is a great source of acetic acid, and this makes the food you have eaten move at a slower pace from your stomach to the intestines. This simply means you stay fuller for longer! Not to add, the taste is so horrid; it will curb your appetite too! Talk about a smart way to portion control! But you don’t need vinegar shots to benefit from the wonder properties of this miraculous liquid. Instead, have bread dipped in vinegar and see the same results.

So plate up! Eat these foods regularly and see how your weight gain woes leave you forever!

The Special K Diet: What you need to know

Has a friend of yours recently tried the Special K Diet and lost oodles of weight? If you too are intrigued by the ‘K Challenge’ and would like to instantly lose weight to look fabulous this New Years Eve, it is time to know a little more about this diet.

The idea behind the Special K Diet is to limit the caloric intake for a dieter, who wants to see weight loss. And studies have revealed that those who have cereal for breakfast in the morning, as opposed to toast laden with butter and eggs and sausages, obviously consume lesser amount of fats in a day. What is even better – they have a higher intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre too. So when you opt for the Special K Diet, you make a conscious effort to lower the BMI of your body.

Get acquainted with the Special K Diet:

To get introduced to the Special K Diet, you can read up about it online. Also, the official website will offer you an option of ‘Design your Plan’ that allows for customization and personalization. You can choose between different cereals, snack bars, waffles, protein mixes and protein bars and then choose the date you’d like to start the challenge.

What you will have then is a customized diet plan for yourself, which will make space for modifications and offer you expert tips on how to satiate late night cravings and how to stick to your diet plan.

So what exactly does the Special K Diet entail?

To begin with, the Special K Diet recommends that a dieter eats 2 meals a day that comprise of only Special K brand foods and one meal that can be absolutely anything, but preferably healthy and low in fats. The Special K Diet can help you lose as much as 6 pounds in just a mere 2 weeks, provided it is followed perfectly.

The good thing is that there aren’t too many restrictions involved in the diet. It is best to use skimmed milk with the cereal and stick to the portion sizes recommended by your ideal diet plan. Only then can your caloric intake can really be monitored, and the special ingredients of the Special K Diet products ensure you get a balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium that your body needs on a daily basis. Since there are no restrictions involved for the 1 meal left where you needn’t eat Special K products, you can ensure you take care for any cravings you may have. Whether your heart desires bagels or chicken salads, you get a free meal pass to eat whatever you like. However, for your best interests, you should make sure you don’t eat something that is too fattening, like 2 huge burgers or fries, but rather opt for more fibrous and nutritious wholesome meals.

The problem with the Special K Diet and how to solve it:

special k dietLike most diets that focus on just one particular type of food, the biggest problem with the Special K Diet is that it gets boring and monotonous, since there isn’t a lot of variety in the Special K foods. They all almost taste the same! However, the good news is your 1 free meal, that allows for space to make variations in taste, textures and smell to keep your diet from failing miserably (which is what happens with too strict diets eventually).

However, 2 meals of the same Special K brand can be quite too much for a few. So, make sure you try variations. Firstly, there are a multitude of fruity flavours available, so try the cereal in different flavours to keep the diet from going too boring. Secondly, do experiment with the way you eat your Special K foods. You might want to have your breakfast cereal with real fruits, chopped up small, and yogurt. For the snack try the Berry protein shake with water or milk. Lunch could be a chocolate flavoured protein bar along with a few fruits. For your evening snack, try a chocolate peanut snack bar, or maybe a fruit flavoured one. For dinner, try to have grilled meats and salads.

Just keep in mind that you need 2 meals and 2 snacks with just Special K products, and 1 meal that could be anything and everything, preferably low fat. The diet works for 2 reasons – it reduces caloric intake of the dieter and it also instills in a person better eating habits, for example eating 5 small meals and never skipping breakfast.

So now that you know so much about the Special K Diet, you can think if this is the right diet for you or not. And if it is, why not give it a try!