Let them Cherish your Beauty on your Wedding Day

Wedding is of the biggest events of our lives. A new journey begins from this very day. And the memories made on the day lives on forever! So it’s necessary to look your best on your big day! It just starts with a little attention here and a little care there. You are beautiful naturally, so all you need to do is groom yourself in the way that would suit your beauty perfectly. It won’t take much of your time, just a couple of hours out of your daily schedule to look perfectly awesome on your Wedding day.

Start taking care of yourself at least 6-7 months before your wedding day. Know your body, your skin. Well you should always take care of yourself whether for your wedding or otherwise. Else no matter what you do, how much make up you put on its not going to make much of a difference. Your lifestyle reflects on your beauty. If its faulty or improper, its going to show on your face. So always try to keep up with a healthy and proper lifestyle, like getting proper sleep daily, healthy diet, exercise etc. These are the preconditions. Once you have made sure that yes all these years you haven’t neglected yourself, then you can go ahead with a pre wedding beauty care. But otherwise it’s all meaning less.


How to Go About It?


NUTRITION: Take care of what you are eating on a daily basis. Nutrition is very important. Without a proper nutrition you would look dull and mal nourished. And most of the skin troubles result from unhealthy diet. So make sure you are eating right. Choose a balanced diet. Include the five servings of vegetables and fruits that are recommended. Proteins like milk or dairy products, egg white, lean meat, fish etc. The recommended level of carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium are very important. Whole grains, pasta, multi grain cereals etc are good sources of carbohydrate. Cut down on junk foods as they would irritate your system. If you are fit and health you are bound to look good.

EXERCISE:  Exercise regularly to channel the energy, which you have gained from food, properly. No exercise might result in accumulation of fat at the wrong places. If you don’t get enough time to hit the gym regularly, then simple free hand exercises or yoga can be perfect for you. Exercising also gives you renewed energy and makes you feel active and energetic. It makes your system function properly, helps stimulate blood circulation, proper metabolism, and timely movement of bowels keeps you in shape and so on.

SKIN CARE: Skin care is important. But before you start taking care of your skin it is necessary to determine what skin type do you have and also problems associated with it. Human skin can essentially be of four types; viz, Oily, Dry, Normal and Combination skin type. Once you know your skin type you can go about the skin care regime. Drink plenty of water as water helps in cleaning the system and flushes out the toxins from your body as well as hydrate your skin and this is true for all skin types. And keep your skin clean by cleansing it with a good facewash or just water and follow it up with toning and moisturizing. Go for skin spa or massages once a month.

HAIR CARE: Just like your skin, your hair too needs to be taken care of. Wash your hair at least thrice a week. And don’t forget to condition it after shampooing else it would become dry. Hair spa is good and once a month is worth it. Choose a hair pack depending on your hair type (Oily, dry, or normal) and apply once a week. Don’t do too much styling of your hair till you wedding day because heat and chemicals can damage your hair. If you suffer from dandruff problem, you should immediately treat it. Use a good anti dandruff shampoo.

BE HAPPY: Your mind can have tremendous effect on your body. If you are always worried and stressed out, it’s going to take a toll on your body and beauty. Try to be calm and retain the peace of mind. If you are happy then it would enhance your beauty. Indulge yourself in the activities that you love to do. It can be cooking or painting, or shopping, going out with friends and family, taking care of your pets or anything that make you feel light. Meditation is also a very good way of relaxing your mind.

MANICURE: On your wedding day you are in the focus and also your hand since it would flaunt your wedding ring. The ring that embodies your love and togetherness should look good on your fingers! So manicure is a must. Keep your nails clean and in shape. Go for a professional manicure treatment once a month. If your nail breaks easily then consult a doctor and keep it trimmed, filed and buffed.

And when it’s just a few days to go, do some last minute preparation. Select your dress, shoes and accessories before hand. Decide how exactly you want to look on that day. Select a good hairstyle. Hairstyle should be in accordance with the shape of your face, depending on whether its round or oval etc. paint your nails, go for pretty nail arts and if you are not too much fond of long finger nails, keep it trimmed and filed. Apply a transparent polish. Don’t party too hard during these days; it might spoil all your efforts to look good on your big day. Take rest and remain calm, though being excited about it is quite understandable! To overcome this, you can go for a walk or even for a drive, or watch a nice movie at your home, chat with people who you are close to.

Truly speaking the happiness of starting a new life with the person whom you have chosen would itself act as a catalyst and would make you glow. But still don’t leave any stone unturned to be the star of your wedding day because it’s your day!

How to Tell If He Really Likes You?

For a man its may be very difficult to understand whether a woman actually likes him or not. But its not the case when it comes to men. True that men are confused regarding emotional issues, but at the same time its also true that they think simple. If he really likes you would know. If there is a man whom you really like, who makes you day- dream, gives you a jolt in the stomach every time he smiles at you or looks at you, it won’t be that difficult for you to find out whether he too feels the same for you.

Though men are different from women, but still certain emotions work in the same way in both. Put yourself in his position and try to understand him from his point of view. The feelings of love and liking are the same in men and women. He would behave in the same manner you would if you liked someone. The difference is that women at times don’t behave in the way they should be behaving or feel like behaving. They tend to make things complicated and expect the man to delve deeper, but they don’t quite realize, men won’t be able to do that, even if they want to.

Mind reading is a difficult task. And its true for both, men and women. But you can try and analyze his actions. Men don’t usually fake their actions, they would do what they feel like doing. He would give you direct hints or signals, take them. Best thing is that, you would know when he is into you, when he is not and when he is confused about you.

If a man really likes you, his actions would confirm that. If there is a disparity between what he is saying and what he is doing, know that either he is just playing around or confused.

If he is into you then,

1)      He would call you or text you atleast once a day. If he had been very busy all day, he would think about you atleast before going to bed. But if he doesn’t call or text you for several consecutive days don’t give up hope, he might have been really stuck into something or may be he genuinely couldn’t or wasn’t able to contact you.

2)      He would not ignore your calls or texts. He would reply. If for any reason he was unable to receive your call or reply to your text he would ring you back once he is free.

3)      He would want to meet you more often. Though he won’t compel you to meet him. He would ask you out but if you say no he would respect your decision. If he forces you or compels you, and disregards your wishes and problems, then may be he is just obsessed with you.

4)      He would remember things  for you. Men do not have good memory like women. They forget dates and other small things. They often forget birthdays and other small information  that means a lot to women. So if he takes the pain of remembering small details about you, like your favorite dish, your favorite colour, your birthday, or the day you first met and all, he really cares about you.

5)      He would make you feel exclusive. True a woman loves to feel that the man puts her among his top priorities. He shouldn’t just say it but act that way as well. Observe his behaviour towards you when he is with other people, his friends, other women or his colleagues. See if he is equally caring and attentive towards you when you guys are with other people.

6)      He would take risks for you. Suppose he has an important meeting to attend and at the same time you asked him for a favour , he would try his best to tackle it. He might mess up with one or both at the end, but the fact that he atleast tried would prove a lot.

7)      He would be comfortable introducing you to his friends and family. He won’t keep you as a secret. But merely introducing you to his friends won’t do, he might be flaunting you to his friends. See what kind of friends he has, and also if he is trying to make you a part of his group and his family.

8)      When you guys are among friends, he would sit beside you, walk alongside you and will be with you all through.

9)      He would notice what you are wearing and what you are saying. He would listen to the stupidest things you say with great patience.

10)    If you liked something or wished you had that, he would try to gift it to you.

11)    Even if he had to leave the town for a few days, he would call you or get in touch with you somehow, even if you are miles apart.

12)    He would be treating you differently when other girls are around. He would either be into you completely or he would try to flirt with those girls to make you jealous. If the latter happens, check if he looks at you while flirting, that would mean he is looking for your reaction. If he doesn’t and forgets all about you, that would mean you are like any other girl to him.

13)    His body language with you would be different. And that’s important. If he gives you a little hug or touches your hands or puts his arm around your shoulder, these are good signs if he isn’t a little flirt by nature and does that with every other girl.

14)    If he teases you a lot then he has got a liking for you.

15)    He would be gentle and respectful towards you. Won’t make cheap remarks or crack indecent jokes.

If most of the above signs match with the man you have an eye for, then go for him, he likes you and is perhaps expecting a response from you. Don’t keep him hanging for too long, that might erode off his interest in you. If you too like him then show you do. Many guys are shy and are less expressive, that’s where you have to notice them thoroughly. But if he does none of the above then, may be he is just going around with you.

Yoga Poses to try and to avoid for Pregnant Women

A wide range of poses that they tend to teach in prenatal classes are normally geared for the certain requirements of pregnant women. There, however, isn’t any specific set of poses, which might be considered ideal for everyone. Women with previous yoga history, for example, are likely to be more competent – although it depends on the progress level of the pregnancy. Likewise, women with a low-lying placenta need to stay away from certain poses like squats. Thus, it’s necessary for you to discuss about your specific circumstance with your doctor or instructor.

You need to be gentle, give your body more time for rest, maintain light physical activities, and avoid giving a try to strenuous and tough yoga postures during the first trimester. However, you may do a bit more throughout the second and third trimesters but yet is important to stay cautious and get to the flow of your body. It is strongly suggested to attend a prenatal yoga session so that you could gain knowledge regarding the best postures for your pregnancy. Below I have mentioned a few yoga poses that you can perform at home. Keep in mind that you should not continue doing anything causing your pain and/or discomfort. Also, consult a qualified instructor or doctor if any questions.


Butterfly pose

While practicing this pose, you need to sit straight by placing both of your feet’s soles together right in front of you. You may take the help of the wall to support your back throughout the butterfly pose. Pull your feet toward you as long as you have a gentle stretch feeling in your inner thighs. However, don’t make your knees bounced – simply keep them as relaxed as possible. Try placing a cushion right under your knee for extra support. Performing this posture for around 10 minutes a day will do a great help during your pregnancy.

butterfly pose

Advantages of Butterfly Pose:

• Helps in increasing the mobility of pelvis’s joints, maintaining the structure of bones to open up for delivery

• inner thighs will be stretched

• Helps in relaxing the pelvic floor muscles and prepare them for comfortable yet easy baby delivery.


Dog and Cat Stretch


cat pose

The poses are pretty simple and handy to get with. All you need to do is getting onto hands and your knees with your hands under your shoulders and knees under your hips. You may also prefer putting a blanket or something under your knees if you don’t find it very comfortable.  


Cat Stretch: Place tailbone under and lower head, curl your middle back upward, loosen your spine, and make slow movements, exhaling deep and calmly.

dog stretch


Advantages of Dog and Cat Stretch:

• Helps in releasing the uterus’s pressure off the lower back, pelvic floor and sacrum

• Helps in eliminating backache and also relieving legs exhausted from standing

• Assists in better circulation

6 Facts for Healthier Skin

When it comes to skin care, the basics that everyone knows are: Daily face cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing and weekly exfoliation.

However, if you are looking for effective care for your skin, there are some little known facts you should be aware of:

Skin Care Fact #1 

All skin types need Hydration. Drinking plenty of water is great for your internal organs and helps to hydrate your skin from the inside out but it is not really accomplishing much alone.  Solely drinking lots of water will just make you pee a lot. Drinking tons of water AND eating foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids really does the job of keeping skin hydrated and supple.

Skin Care Fact #2
When your skin gets dry and cracked, moisturizing helps but exfoliating and THEN moisturizing yields just better results.

Let us put it this way, will you coat a cracked wall with a layer of paint? Of course No. The paint would peel off in no time.  Instead, you would want to smooth down the wall’s cracked surface before painting it.  A similar principle goes down with treating dry, cracked skin. First get rid of the old/dead skin cells to reveal the fresh layer of skin before moisturizing it.

Skin Care Fact #3

In winter months, your skin is prone to dehydration due to exposure to indoor heat; especially at night when skin loses the most amount of moisture. Using a humidifier in your bedroom to add moisture back into the air really helps. Also, keep the thermostat or radiator temperature down.

Skin Care Fact #4
Cream moisturizers and lotion moisturizers are both effective but there’s a difference between the two. Creams prevent your skin’s moisture from evaporating while lotions help your skin look more radiant. Choosing a moisturizer that suits your skin type and colour is must. There is no harm in having both cream and lotion type moisturizers. However, creams retain your skin’s moisture and are most helpful in summer months.

Skin Care Fact #5
An effective Moisturizer must contain water as the first ingredient followed by a light oil as the second ingredient. Mineral oils are too heavy and only sit on top of the skin but lighter oils like Olive oils penetrate the skin layer and moisturize the skin.

Skin Care Fact #6
During all season of the year, keeping your skin protected from sun’s harmful rays is the best way to have healthy skin. Sun might have Vitamin D but the harmful UVA and UVB rays are emitted from sun at all times even during cloudy, windy days. So a sunscreen lotion or cream of high SPF, say SPF30 or SPF 40 has to be applied on the skin at regular intervals. The best sunscreen during summers will be moisturizer based sunscreens which will keep your skin hydrated as well as sun protected.

A healthy skin does not come without cost.  Some people are born with it, but environmental factors, hormones changes in females, habits and age work against your skin’s health and appearance. Slight changes to your lifestyle and skin care routine based on the above mentioned facts, will help you to get healthier, more radiant skin.

Will you choose Botox for youself ?

Botox is a trade name for the neuro toxic protein called Botulinum toxin which is produced by the bacteriumClostridium botulinum. When taken in large doses, the protein causes Botulism, a very rare paralytic illness often causing food poisoning too. The protein is also used in cosmetic medicine to treat moderate to severe cases of wrinkles, facial creases, blinking, brow furrow and even uncontrolled blinking. The toxin Botulinum is commercially sold under the brand name of Botox.

Obsessed with Looks

People are so obsessed with their looks that they are making Botox their first choice for ridding them of wrinkles.  Apart from the fact that Botox treatments can be dangerous, they only last about four months. It is just temporary and those wrinkles will soon return where they were. The temporary effect of Botox makes the whole process repetitive and that is why people spend loads of cash in getting Botox injections frequently.

While there may be cosmetic benefits to Botox treatments, Botox can be very dangerous and can cause a number of side effects like headaches, dry mouth, stomach upsets and the risk of Botulism.

Experience talks

Botox can also treat muscle stiffness. Sharing her experiences, a lady once told me that her son had extreme tone in his legs and they were very spastic due to his cerebral palsy diagnosis.  Botox was one of the options. They had to inject it into his little legs to help with the spasticity but she decided against it.  The whole idea that a toxin would be injected into her son’s legs to loosen them up just didn’t seem right to her.

To add to her worries, the Botox treatment would have caused the nerves in her son’s legs to be impaired during the whole course of therapy which would have repeated every three months. Apart from this the treatment would have burnt a hole in her pocket.

She also told me that in long term treatments of Botox, antibodies to the toxin can build up in the blood stream and reduce the effect of Botox on the spasticity and basically defeating the purpose in the long run. All of the injections given to her son then would result in future Botox injections being ineffective. So in just a matter of time as the effect of previous injection lessens, the next injection’s effect would be streaming down too.

So instead of Botox, she opted to have her son’s legs exercised and stretched out continuously, followed by a bilateral hamstring release which is a surgical procedure to increase the length of the hamstrings. While hamstring surgery is more invasive than injections, the surgery followed by good physical therapy sessions was better in the long run. Lastly she added that given a chance she would choose surgery and physical therapies over Botox any day.

Is Botox worth it?

Doctors use this toxin in small doses to cure face wrinkles and other issues. But the point is that these injections may even be life threatening. They temporarily paralyze the area where the toxin s injected.
Is it all worth it?  That’s something only you can answer.  What is more important to you? Risking your health to look younger or keeping your health? The choice is obvious to me but then that’s just my opinion.  While anti wrinkle products give you the instant gratification that what Botox does, they are much safer for your body.

But of course, slow and steady wins the race.

Top 7 Heat Busting Summer Food

Come summers and you feel the heat getting to your head. One may use all the sunscreens and hats and glasses to keep the sun power at bay, yet nothing beats the summer heat more than the “cool” feeling you have from inside. No I am not talking about the Air conditioner “cool”. It’s the cool that comes naturally with the perfect summer food.

Topping the lists will always be Buttermilk. A drink that keeps all the summer-ness at bay! I think buttermilk can kick diet soda’s ass. It is one of the healthiest bracers in hot summer months. Made up of the residue left behind after milk’s fat is churned to produce butter,” says Mumbai based nutritionist Niti Desai. One glass of Buttermilk per day will keep dehydration away and will also avoid digestion problems.


Come summers and you feel the heat getting to your head. One may use all the sunscreens and hats and glasses to keep the sun power at bay, yet nothing beats the summer heat more than the “cool” feeling you have from inside. No I am not talking about the Air conditioner “cool”. It’s the cool that comes naturally with the perfect summer food.

Topping the lists will always be Buttermilk. A drink that keeps all the summer-ness at bay! I think buttermilk can kick diet soda’s ass. It is one of the healthiest bracers in hot summer months. Made up of the residue left behind after milk’s fat is churned to produce butter,” says Mumbai based nutritionist Niti Desai. One glass of Buttermilk per day will keep dehydration away and will also avoid digestion problems.


If you’re prone to skin breakouts or acne in the summer, Apricots are your solution. Apricots provide the body with iron, vitamin C, potassium and fibre. They keep you energized all day long, Apricots are rich in nutrients such as vitamin A which promote good vision. Vitamin A containing apricot, which is a powerful antioxidant, quenches free radical damage to cells and tissues.

For instant cool down in summers, get yourself an elaichi chai(Cardamom Tea). Cardamom, an original Indian spice, is a common name in Ayurvedic medicine for almost every ailment from halitosis to digestion. It has wonderful detoxifying properties to effectively cool down in even the hottest days.

Its light, its easily available and its very yummy. I am talking about Corns. Boil and make salted corns or maybe add them in your rice for the extra flavour. Corns are healthy food for summers. They are a good source of pantothenic acid, which provides vitamin B to lower stress levels. Corns are a light lunch snacks and are rich in fibres and have essential carbs.

Imagining summer without them is almost impossible. Mangoes are the tastiest fruit of the summer. Eaten almost all over the world, mango is undoubtedly the world’s favourite fruit. In summers, ripe and unripe mangoes are used to make a lot of delicacies. Unripe mangoes are a rich source of pectin and when steamed and juiced with cumin (jeera) and salt, they provide an excellent remedy for heat strokes and exhaustion in summers.

As big as its size and its name, Watermelons are baskets of nutrition. Iron, potassium, beta-carotene and vitamin C are the chief ingredients, which make the super sized fruit so tasty and thus a must have during summers. Watermelon has 95 per cent water content. Watermelon helps treat kidney problems, bladder issues and digestive problems and can be drunk as juice. This may also interest men that Watermelon is said to be natural Viagra because it contains Citruline, which is used in treating erectile dysfunction.

Stay chilled and healthy with these summer foods.

Happy Summers!


Ideas for Summer Clothing

With summer just round the corner, the mercury is set to work without rest. The scorching summer heat, the dusty, hot wind, the dry air and the cringe inducing feeling that summer heat brings along. Heat and humidity will take over the cool cold breeze very soon.

All of us must have readied ourselves with the mechanisms to fight the summer heat- Sunscreens of highest SPF, Hats, and Sunglasses. But what to wear in this scorching heat and still look and feel cool?

Dress for the Season

One must Dress appropriately during the summer months to avoid heat-related sickness. The most important part of human body, the skin should be pampered with good care during summers. The soaring temperature and humidity during the summer months increase the amount of sweat produced in the body so as to cool us. Clothes made of fabrics that breathe, help keep moisture away from the body allowing it to evaporate. One should choose fabrics that help in sweat evaporation and cooling by letting more air pass over one’s body. Due importance should be given to the weight and size of summer clothes. Opt for lightweight, loose fitting clothes. Dark colors absorb heat, light colors make you feel cool.

Bottom line is that the summer clothes profile should be breathable, lightweight, light-colored and loose fitting.

Colors for Summer Wear

When it comes to colors, choose light colors for summer clothes. White is considered the best option for summer wear. Going for white fabrics ensures a comparative high level of ultraviolet radiation protection. White or any other light color fabric is light, airy and has versatile appeal. In terms of fashion sense, white can be matched easily with any other color. So, pick up white tops and team it with blue denim jeans, bright skirts or neutral trousers. With this you can be sure that you are cool and comfortable.

Light and Comfy Clothes

The essence of summer clothing is to feel light and comfortable. Tracks, t-shirts, capris, tops, tank tops, pant ensembles, lacy skirts, sun dresses and micro minis if you have the legs to flaunt else long flowing dresses should be a part of your summer closet. Be creative. Experiment with patterns and frills. A little bit of ingenuity and you can turn a simple summer dress into a dressy outfit for a nice evening. Throw in appropriate accessories, heels, a hint of makeup – and you can turn a flowery slip dress into an stylish evening outfit.

For the Funky Day Look

Shorts or Hot Pants: Cozy shorts are fashionably acceptable and of course comfortable during the hot summer months. Depending on your physique, fat or slim and the comfort level, select the kind of shorts you will want. Super short hot pants, modest Bermudas to long crops.

Capri Or Mid calf Length Pants: For bottom wear, chic capri pants and cargo capri pants can lend a casual look during this summer. Select the length with due consideration to your legs. Capri pants that fall anywhere from right above the knee to mid-calf to just above the ankle are in vogue this season.

Top wear: Both the Shorts or the Capri pants can be teamed with loose fitting t-shirts. A few tank tops in myriad colors and patterns can be mixed and matched with other trendy tops, or worn under shirts, jackets and other dresses. Short-sleeves, sleeveless or spaghetti strap shirts or tops in floral patterns and a variety of new patterns offer wide options to select from. A very chic look can be denim hot pants with loose white t shirts , long neck pieces  and studs as ear rings.

Perfect Fabrics for Summer


Cotton has been used since primitive ages in summers and is the preferred fabric for maximizing ventilation to the body. Cotton is a natural fiber with a soft texture, which can absorb perspiration. Cotton clothes are soft and comfortable. Chic, trendy or elegant – cotton is available in different designs and patterns all through the summer months.

Cotton Polyester

Another option during summers can be to wear fabrics made of cotton and polyester blend with cotton in larger proportion. Pure cotton clothes become a bit heavy maintenance and need to be ironed. The advantage of blended fabric is that the cotton will keep body cool and the polyester will out the ironing option.


Denim is also a very popular summer fabric. Made out of tightly woven cotton, denim is breathable and also sweat-absorbent just like cotton. However when compared to pure cotton, denim is heavier. Hence, go in for lightweight denim for keeping cool.


Linen too allows breathing; hence it qualifies as a summer fabric. People living in the hot zones of the earth have always preferred 100% linen fabric. Linen is lightweight fabric. Summer clothes made of good quality linen are soft, can absorb and lose perspiration quickly.
With so much information about perfect summer clothing, I guess its time to take out your purse and head for your favorite shopping destination.
Happy Summers!!

Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms [ Am I pregnant? ]

pregnancy signsPregnancy symptoms tend to vary from one woman to another and depending upon the nature of pregnancy but the symptom that is the most obvious and notable from the beginning of its state is delayed menstrual cycle or no menstrual cycle at all. It is significant to understand the signs and symptoms of pregnancy for every woman once she develops the ability to conceive. Some women are likely to experience its signs by the end of first week of conception, while in other cases, the symptoms of pregnancy may develop over quite a few weeks or don’t exist at all.

Below I have mentioned some of the most obvious signs and symptoms that you are likely to experience while pregnancy. However, it is highly suggested to undergo a pregnancy test if you are having a sexually active life and have started experiencing any of the following symptoms.

Implantation Bleeding:

One of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy includes implantation bleeding. Around 6 to 12 days followed by conception, the embryo implants into the uterine wall itself. Some women tend to experience spotting and some cramping as well.

Swollen or Tender Breasts:

Women will start experiencing this symptom from as early as one or two weeks followed by conception.  Their breasts are most likely to undergo changes and may be tender to the sore, swollen, or touch.

Fatigue or Tiredness:

Feeling tiredness or fatigue is also one of the notable pregnancy symptoms that you might experience from as early as the very first week followed by conception. However, other explanations for it include depression, exhaustion, flu, common cold, stress, or other illness.

Nausea or Morning Sickness:

You will experience this pregnancy symptom between 2 to 8 weeks followed by conception. Although some women are lucky enough to not undergo morning sickness at all, others will experience nauseas during their pregnancy.

Lower Backaches:

This symptom shows up during the beginning of pregnancy; however you are likely to feel a dull backache throughout your pregnancy. Other explanations for lower backaches include impending menstruation, mental or physical strains, stress, and other back problems. You can, however, reduce this awkward suffering with pregnpancy yoga.

Frequent Urination:

About 6 to 8 weeks followed by conception, you are most likely to make quite a few more trips to your bathroom. It is suggested for you to have a general knowledge on foods to eat and avoid during pregnancy.

Darkening of Areolas:

Yes, you will notice darkening of skin around your nipples when you’re pregnant. However, it may be caused due to harmonic imbalance too which doesn’t linked to pregnancy in any way. Also, it might be yet another leftover effect due to your previous pregnancy.

Rekindle your Romance even after Having a Baby

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences of any woman’s life. Being a new mom is time consuming but highly rewarding. But then again, forgetting your ever helpful husband and making him come second to your baby’s needs can put a strain on your relationship.

When you have a new baby, life makes dramatic changes in every sphere. You find that you barely have time for yourself, leave alone your husband. Many husbands cannot cope up with the constant stress that a new baby puts on them and their relationships. And this is why, for a happy marriage you must learn how to strike the perfect balance between caring for your baby while also making sure your husband knows he is always No. 1 on your priority list. We have here a few relationship tips, which can greatly help you to rekindle that romance post a pregnancy.

1.       Add the concept of date night to your life

After a baby, the concept of spending time alone with just your husband becomes all the more important. You cannot get away every other weekend anymore with a little one, but you can add the concept of a Date Night to your life. Keep one day of the week aside, where you forget about the stresses of a new baby and spend a few hours enjoying the company of your man. It could be a date for a movie, a romantic dinner, or just hitting the beach for some much needed alone time. But the idea of Date Night gives you and your man something to look forward to, every single week.

2.       Make time to pamper yourself

He loved it when you went to the beauty salon, pampered yourself, and came out looking all great and smelling even better! So why stop now? Only because you now have a baby is no excuse to become a couch potato with shabby hair and smelly clothes. Yes, caring for a baby is taxing. But you need to care for yourself too so that your husband can see the effort you put in to looking good for him! Set a session for pedicure, manicure, massage and hair cut every month and then show off your super hot body to your husband later!

3.       Spend Quality time together

Are the In-laws over for a visit? Perfect timing to get away for a passionate time with your hubby! Look for ways and means to spend more quality time together. Having a baby means giving in a lot of time in to its needs, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make time for your man. Make every minute count. It is not the quantity of the time you spend together having fun, but the quality of it. If nothing else, put the baby to sleep and open a bottle of wine. Share with your husband as you watch romantic movies all night and order in take-out. Spend time getting to know hats happening in his life, instead of slaving over a hot stove making a rushed dinner.

4.       Work to stay in shape

Remember how your husband loved the fact that you stayed in shape and looked great in every outfit? It was fine to stuff your face with delicacies while you were pregnant, but you got no reason to stay fat anymore! Get a membership to a gym and work on losing that excess weight. And when you achieve your target weight, flaunt that dress your husband so loved and show him how you still want to be beautiful just for him!

Taking care of a new baby can leave you exhausted by the end of the day. But make sure this doesn’t affect your relationship with your husband on a day to day basis. Don’t neglect him and his needs. Make sure he still looks forward to a nice dinner at home, which comprises of his favorite foods. Make sure you get his laundry done on time, ensure you still socialize as and when you can and don’t change your life too drastically in order to accommodate a baby. If you need it, hire household help to make all these things possible. Not showing enough interest in your husband is where relationship problems begin, and making excuses for not caring for your husband because you have to care 24×7 for a new baby will not get you any positive results.

Deal With Post Break Up Depression

breakup adviceThe most common belief about love is that it hurts more than it makes us happy. But if we give it another thought we will realize that its not love that hurts, but actually its rejection, ignorance, unfaithfulness etc. that hurts. Love always makes us happy, makes us feel good. But when the negative things start to take over and love weakens that’s when we feel the pain. A bad relationship can cause a lot of pain. So its always a good idea to come out of a harmful and wrong relationship. True love would never make you cry, intentionally.

Its hard to call it off, but you know you have to, because it is not working. There can be a large number of reasons for a couple to end a relationship. Sometimes it ends on a mutual term, because both persons feel that their relationship is not going anywhere. In these cases its slightly easier to come to terms with the break up. But it feels worse when someone cheats on you or leaves you just like that. Women usually fear the post break up depression and loneliness. After a break the sudden vacuum that is created in one’s life is hard to deal with. Nothing seems alright. When one thing goes wrong everything else also seems to be overhauled. The good times that you spent together appears like a distant dream. Your chest feels heavy and the days are gloomy. But its not the end of everything. Its just a part of the life.

1)      When we really love someone its very tough to let that person go. But sometimes for our own good. A decayed tooth hurts a lot but if it is plucked out, it gives us relief. Its similar with a bad relationship. The post break up phase can be depressing, but its just a phase, and you would get over it with time.

2)      The first few days you would need some one to talk to, with whom you can share what you are going through. Let the person be someone who knows you very well. It can be your parents, or a friend. Blurt it out, you would feel light.

3)      Engage yourself in creative activities. Do whatever you love to do. That way your mind will be diverted. You would think about him, whenever your mind is free. If you let it wander, it would go and get stuck to him. You can read books, watch movies, not boring and sad ones, but faster and happy ones, comedy movies, you can go out for shopping or do anything that pleases you.

4)      Don’t keep things that reminds of him, like his pictures, or gifts that he gave you or anything of that sort with yourself. Don’t treasure them, give them away to someone or just dispose it off. The more you would think about him the more it will be difficult for you to come out of it. So whenever he pops up in your mind, change the thoughts

5)      If there had been any misunderstanding between you two, then try to sort it out by communicating, but if every effort from your side fails, give up. May be he isn’t willing to sort out things. And don’t feel bad, atleast you tried to save it. You did your part. So be satisfied.

6)      Try to analyze if it was actually your fault or not. Don’t be too egoistic. Think over what actually happened and what drove him to take such a decision. If it was actually your fault, then show him that you realized your mistake and it won’t happen again. He might forgive you and you can get him back. But if it wasn’t really your fault and if it just seems like an excuse that he gave just to get rid of, you should better let go of it. But don’t jump into a conclusion without trying to know what really went wrong.

7)      If he couldn’t keep his promise and left you mid way then don’t expect that he would return. Don’t wait for him to come back. This is the biggest mistake most women do. It wont let you move on and you will keep waiting for him. If he realizes his mistake and has to come back he will, but at the same time he might not as well. If you keep waiting for him, you will be stuck there forever.

8)       If he is the one who deserted you, then he has lost something, not you. And if you were compelled to end the relationship then there must have been some very good reasons behind your decision. Don’t keep hard feeling for him, it would cause more pain.

9)      You are the only one who can counsel yourself the best because you know yourself the best. Make yourself see reasons. Make yourself stronger. If the guy played with your feelings, cheated on you then the best way to for get him is by telling yourself that you are wasting your tears on someone who was never yours.

10)    Spend time with people to whom you are very close and who know you the best. If you are with people who care for you won’t feel lonely. Chat with them, go out with them, engage yourself in a group activity.

11)    If you love pets then you can spend more of your free times with them also. Play with them, take care of them. Studies have shown that pets help in tackling depression.

12)   Don’t keep a track on what is going on in his life. You will forget all about your own life. Live your life the way you want to. And let him live his. If you keep looking for information on him you won’t be able to move ahead in life. In order to start a new life you have to let go of your past completely.

A break up doesn’t mean that there is nothing more left to your life. Look around, there are so many people who love you unconditionally and who need you. You are not alone. Its alright if a relationship didn’t work out well. Don’t keep any regret. When you are in a relationship, do your part well. Try to understand your partner and make him understand you. A relationship needs to be nurtured by both the sides. And if it breaks even after all the efforts you put in, then may be it was not meant to be.