The Special K Diet: What you need to know

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Has a friend of yours recently tried the Special K Diet and lost oodles of weight? If you too are intrigued by the ‘K Challenge’ and would like to instantly lose weight to look fabulous this New Years Eve, it is time to know a little more about this diet.

The idea behind the Special K Diet is to limit the caloric intake for a dieter, who wants to lose weight fast. And studies have revealed that those who have cereal for breakfast in the morning, as opposed to toast laden with butter and eggs and sausages, obviously consume lesser amount of fats in a day. What is even better – they have a higher intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre too. So when you opt for the Special K Diet, you make a conscious effort to lower the BMI of your body.

Get acquainted with the Special K Diet:

fast weight loss tipsTo get introduced to the Special K Diet, you can read up about it online. Also, the official website will offer you an option of ‘Design your Plan’ that allows for customization and personalization. You can choose between different cereals, snack bars, waffles, protein mixes and protein bars and then choose the date you’d like to start the challenge.

What you will have then is a customized diet plan for yourself, which will make space for modifications and offer you expert tips on how to satiate late night cravings and how to stick to your diet plan.

So what exactly does the Special K Diet entail?

To begin with, the Special K Diet recommends that a dieter eats 2 meals a day that comprise of only Special K brand foods and one meal that can be absolutely anything, but preferably healthy and low in fats. The Special K Diet can help you lose as much as 6 pounds in just a mere 2 weeks, provided it is followed perfectly.

The good thing is that there aren’t too many restrictions involved in the diet. It is best to use skimmed milk with the cereal and stick to the portion sizes recommended by your ideal diet plan. Only then can your caloric intake can really be monitored, and the special ingredients of the Special K Diet products ensure you get a balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium that your body needs on a daily basis. Since there are no restrictions involved for the 1 meal left where you needn’t eat Special K products, you can ensure you take care for any cravings you may have. Whether your heart desires bagels or chicken salads, you get a free meal pass to eat whatever you like. However, for your best interests, you should make sure you don’t eat something that is too fattening, like 2 huge burgers or fries, but rather opt for more fibrous and nutritious wholesome meals.

The problem with the Special K Diet and how to solve it:

Like most diets that focus on just one particular type of food, the biggest problem with the Special K Diet is that it gets boring and monotonous, since there isn’t a lot of variety in the Special K foods. They all almost taste the same! However, the good news is your 1 free meal, that allows for space to make variations in taste, textures and smell to keep your diet from failing miserably (which is what happens with too strict diets eventually).

However, 2 meals of the same Special K brand can be quite too much for a few. So, make sure you try variations. Firstly, there are a multitude of fruity flavours available, so try the cereal in different flavours to keep the diet from going too boring. Secondly, do experiment with the way you eat your Special K foods. You might want to have your breakfast cereal with real fruits, chopped up small, and yogurt. For the snack try the Berry protein shake with water or milk. Lunch could be a chocolate flavoured protein bar along with a few fruits. For your evening snack, try a chocolate peanut snack bar, or maybe a fruit flavoured one. For dinner, try to have grilled meats and salads.

Just keep in mind that you need 2 meals and 2 snacks with just Special K products, and 1 meal that could be anything and everything, preferably low fat. The diet works for 2 reasons – it reduces caloric intake of the dieter and it also instills in a person better eating habits, for example eating 5 small meals and never skipping breakfast.

So now that you know so much about the Special K Diet, you can think if this is the right diet for you or not. And if it is, why not give it a try!