Learn how to Portion Control

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We all have heard that portion control is the key to staying fit and healthy. But then, how many of us have tried time and again to control our diet and not go for seconds, only to fail at every attempt? We bet you all have tried the elusive ‘portion control’ and given up on it because you couldn’t resist cravings. Controlling your constant urge to overeat is one of the best things you can do for your health. And we know how tough it is!

But we have a few tips here that work every single time! So if you have tried all healthy diet plans and never stuck to one, we are here to help you eat everything but still maintain your figure by portion control.


Why portion control works?

To begin with, let us discuss why most diets fail. A diet will tell you what to eat and what not to eat. Isn’t that Right? But on a lonely night when all your girlfriends are busy and your man is out of town, what do you crave the most? The things that your best healthy diet suggests you don’t eat! You want some fat burgers, a few pieces of fried chicken legs and a tub of ice cream. Diets don’t work, simply because our mind works in a mysterious way where every time we are under stress, we want to eat what we are not supposed to eat. So what is the solution?

The solution is to never devoid your body of anything you like to eat. Eat everything, just eat in moderation. And for that, you have to learn the art of portion control. When your mind knows that nothing out there is off-limits, you’ll find that cravings surprisingly vanish!

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How to portion control?

  • To begin with, you have to understand how much food is enough for you. A rough estimate is the size of your palm. When you start to dole out food in your plate, put a small portion that will fit in your palm. So take a small piece of meat, a small piece of bread and a small portion of the dessert. If you do want to supersize something, make that your salad!
  • Buy smaller dinner plates. Now don’t laugh, we are serious. You can trick your mind in to thinking it has eaten enough if you eat a whole plate full of food. And to do that, you need a smaller plate! Buy a new set so that portion control is no longer a task, it happens naturally.
  • Make it a rule to never go for seconds. Now we don’t mean that you don’t take a second helping ever! Once in a while, like your mom’s famous apple pie or roasted chicken are off the hook here. But on a day to day basis, eat everything on your plate and avoid second helpings. If you have a cook at home, make sure you explain that he/she is not to make more than one portion of a dish for you.
  • When at restaurants, don’t be shy before you ask the waiter the portion sizes. Yes, they might think you are rude or crazy, but that is ok. It is better that you understand the amount of food that you are getting, so you can plan your order in a better way. More often than not, we overeat at restaurants because we hate to see the food go waste. So if you know beforehand that what you have ordered comes in a huge portion, you could ask a friend if you could split it.
  • However, if you often eat alone at restaurants, don’t be shy to ask for a doggy bag. Train your body to stop eating the minute you get the signal ‘Tummy Full’. For that, chew your food properly before you swallow and eat slow, so that when you are full, the message reaches your brain on time. It takes several seconds for your tummy’s message to reach your brain; and fast eaters have often wolfed down a lot more food by then. So eat slowly and only eat as much as you NEED, not as much as you CAN. Leftovers should be taken home in a bag.

Portion control ensures the best weight loss; so if you are serious about staying healthy and following any Fad diet, then portion control is definitely worth a shot!