Female weight loss: Losing that stubborn belly fat

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how to loose weight fast

When we women start putting on weight, the worst thing that happens is that we become the proud owners of an ugly paunch… Yikees! Not only does it look horrid sticking out of dresses, cropped jackets and even jeans at times, it also should send alarm bells going off in your ears because that excess belly fat leads to so many diseases in the long run! So should female weight loss be different from tips for weight loss for me? Absolutely yes! When your body type, your target areas and your metabolic rates are all different, why will your weight loss tips and technique not differ?

What you should know about fast weight loss tips?

First things first, nothing comes easy in life. Please don’t expect to go on some fad diet that will miraculously make you lose 10 pounds permanently. That is NOT going to happen, and you have to come to terms with this reality. Yes, you might lose weight on a diet. But if you don’t stick to a healthy routine where your exercise and diet both work hand in hand, you will simply pile on the weight back once the diet is over.

So here is what you should do if you want to lose weight faster:

  • Your diet must be disciplined. You cannot imagine to lose the belly fat without discipline. The more roughage you consume, the harder your body needs to work to digest the food. So make sure that you add 5 to 8 helpings of fruits and vegetable sin your daily diet. How to do that? Well, enjoy a fruit platter for breakfast. Choose fruits like papaya, strawberries and mangoes. They all are great for your body, your skin and your general well being. For lunch, add a salad to whatever main course you eat. Same for dinner – a salad must be a compulsory complement to your meals.
  • Choose your workout regimen really well. It should ideally have a 30 minute cardio workout, and another 30 minute of toning or weight training exercises.
  • Get proper rest – your body needs enough sleep to work on metabolism and repair the body, so that you can put it through rigorous training the next day, all over again.

Tips to keep in mind:

  1. Choose quality over quantity – When looking for best weight loss methods, keep in mind that doing a hundred things, all in a semi exhaustive stage will not do any wonders to you. So don’t try for a workout regimen that takes up 2 hours, where after 30 minutes you have lapsed in to a sense of panic as to how you will handle leftover work, what to cook for dinner and whether your kids will finish homework while you slog away at the gym! Instead, look for a quality workout that will be effective only because you give it a 100%
  2. See the signs your body gives you – For most women, the ideal weight loss method becomes one that worked on their friends! Really, you think that is how it works? Well, it doesn’t. You must read the signs your body gives you. Eating too little and working out a lot and still see no changes? Maybe you overdid it and your body is in ‘starvation’ mode, which means it preserves the calories because it feels you are food deprived! All the work you are doing is going down the drain because your metabolism has reduced! So please, read the signs your body sends you because they are all that determine what exercise/diet regimen works for you and what doesn’t.

In the end, just know that the secret to female weight loss is being consistent, and working constantly towards small goals that are more practical. And not big goals – like losing 10 pounds in 2 days because those are the ones that don’t work and spread despair.