the lowdown: One Crazy Year

After a few weeks of struggling with the notion, I have decided to take an official sabbatical from blogging. This was an extremely difficult decision as I have experienced great (and not so great food), met amazing people and lasting friends, and laughed (and cried) at the feedback. For the longest time I wondered where my personal threshold was for life activity, apparently I have figured it out.

I will be back when things slow down. In the meantime, thank you everyone for your support, friendship, and vegan love! You’re the best!



6 Comments to "Still Vegan but Less Fabulous"

  • dave said:

    Have a restful/recharging sabbatical!

    I presume the site will remain up?

    Looking forward to your blog return!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey Dave! yes the site will definitely stay up! I just didn’t feel right about leaving it for a month at a time with posts. I needed closure :)

  • Denny said:

    Awww you’ll be missed….and you’re always …ALWAYS fabulous to me!

    Thank god we’re friends outside the blogsphere – I need Miss Fabulous with her wit in my life!

  • CM said:

    Hey VeganFabulous, nothing will stop you from being fabulous, not even a temporary break from the blogging world. Take it easy and know you are still in my thoughts. And Happy Wedding!!!

  • Diane said:

    Thanks for all the reviews! And thanks for leaving the site up as I reference it often. Have a peaceful break!

  • Jess of Veg Out! said:

    Hope things are going well, Megan! Come back soon!

    Jess (formerly Domestic Vegan) :)