the lowdown: Grand Central | 839 SE Morrison St., Portland, OR 97214 | 503.236.BOWL | Website | Lunch, Dinner | Entrees $8.25 – $21.95 | ***

A little bit of grub and a lot of bowling!

Fresh off spring break I’ve been trying to kick back into my normal routine but am having difficulty focusing. I feel like I have been hibernating for six months and am wide awake and ready to start little projects around the house, fine tune wedding details, and shop for spring/summer clothes. It seems only appropriate I’d be taking a Marketing Management course this term as I am knee deep in consumerism.

Speaking of money, what better way to spend $42/hour than on a bowling lane for a group of amateurs! That’s right, close out your savings account because bowling these days is not cheap! The once dilapidated bowling alley is now a bridge and tunnel mecca! On weekends the restaurant is packed and expect a 2 hour wait for a lane! Don’t be afraid to join in the fun though, the Portobello Sandwich ($9.25) is easily vegan without the cheese, aioli, OR fries and it is pretty good. In addition, the bowling shoes were renewed with the building renovation so you won’t be trapped sticking your feet in 30 year old slogs. Phew! I think we did our part to stimulate the economy yesterday!

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    [...] Amanda placed an interesting blog post on Grand Central ConsumerHere’s a brief overviewIn addition, the bowling shoes were renewed with the building renovation so you won’t be trapped sticking your feet in 30 year old slogs. [...]

  • Denny said:

    I am sorry but what 42 an hour??????? Is that highway robbery or what? I mean bowling alley robbery! Whoa that’s THE insanity right there but yea the economy needs stimulation and coming from the business savvy Megs – it’s all good. hehe

    Sandwich has my heart by the way. I love mushrooms – a bit too much:( hehe

  • Chelsea said:

    Damn, that is pricey! I used to bowl at Interstate Lanes a lot when I was a teenager, and remember the cosmic bowling being $10 (for like 3 hours). I guess we’ve had a lot of inflation since then, though!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey Denny! I promise when you come to Portland I won’t make you suffer through an overpriced bowling game…but after years of not having bowled it sure was fun!!!

    Hi Chelsea!!! I have talked to a few other folks who bowled other places lately and for $12 you get a lane, shoes, and two beers :) I think Grand Central is super over priced. They are making you pay for the huge projection TVs or something!

  • vegtastic voyage said:

    No fries!?!? That’s the dumbest thing ever. Do they coat them in parmesan or some other such ridiculousness? The potato is a beautiful thing. When will people learn to let it shine on its own?

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Yeah I was super bummed about the fries! To be honest, I think they used vegetable oil (who doesn’t?!) but my guess the fries were cooked in the same fast as fish and chips…I didn’t press the topic with them…

  • j said:

    no way is the portabello sand. vegan. All burger buns have sodium steryl lacytate (sp?) which is animal derived. almost all burger buns and hot dogs and bread have it.