the lowdown: East End | 203 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214 | 503.232.0056 | Website | Dinner, Late Night, Happy Hour | ****

Super cheap eats!

Just when I was about to swear off local businesses for their lack of business sense and overall bitchy attitude, I spent a couple hours at East End and feel better about Portland. It is amazing to me in this economy how difficult it is to correspond with restaurants, bakeries, venues and wine bars. Either all of them are insanely busy (doubtful) or none of them understand the first thing about customer service (likely). Nonetheless, I threw back a tall glass of lemon water and good grub last night and feel much better!

The East End, formerly The Rabbit Hole, is a low key bar with a cheap as hell happy hour menu, photo booth, and a restroom at the end of a long dark scary hallway. If it wasn’t for my friend always keeping me up on the food scene, I would have never guessed this place would have been an option for my finicky ass. Everything on the dinner menu is <$10 and includes a vegan burrito ($7), tacos ($6), and BBQ Tofu sandwich ($7). More importantly, Happy Hour is from 4-7 and offers the burrito and BBQ Tofu sandwich for $4! No need to bust the piggy bank on this one folks, eat your heart out!

10 Comments to "Chilling Recession Proof at East End"

  • Denny said:

    oooh bbq tofu sandwich….noice!
    yea this recession thing is killin’ everyone…we’re gonna survive this…we’re gonna survive this!

    i hear ya about disgusting behavior…i usually give them one or two chances….and if they remain the same…i don’t visit them anymore.

    why have a customer oriented business if u can’t handle them with grace…plus theirs is not the only place for good eats!

    a finickyass myself,

  • Kat said:

    Yum!!!! Love it here!!! Chip and I went and I got the carrot Ginger vegan burger and he got the BBQ sandwich!! Both were fab!plus who doesn’t love a bar with a photo booth!!!! My goal is to have chippy buy me one for the house….. We should do happy hour at the east end!!!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Denny!! – I am glad I am not the only one who won’t put up with mediocrity!!!

    Kat!!! – I love the photo booth too! Holocene has one so we can go to town at my wedding! I’d love to get HH at East End!

  • vegtastic voyage said:

    East End fries are so good! I haven’t eaten a whole meal there, only nibbled whilst sampling the alcoholic wares. Even crowded it’s a great place. (Not that I am going out after quitting my job at the worst time in the history of history…)

  • CM said:

    Wow that sandwich looks so tasty. This will definitely be a place I will check out next time I am in Portland. And ditto on the photo booth–that is totally cool. Thanks for the economical and yummy tip!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey VV – At least if you are going out at East End you can keep it on the cheap! It is a rare thing for me to get to HH but 4-7 is a nice time frame!

    Hi CM – I am really excited to have a photobooth at our wedding site, I am hoping folks make a lot of use out of it!

  • Chelsea said:

    I need to go there! One of my besties who lives on the east side goes there all the time, and she’s never mentioned all the veggie options. Or the happy hour! Thanks :)

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Def the place to go for cheap food! I just went to Bamboo Sushi last night and they too have a great HH. Their prices are much higher but the place is pretty swank AND some of the dishes are 1/2 for HH!

  • Denny said:

    hehe megs …yes i do wear the outfits i put up…i am glad u like my sense of style….we’ll have to go shopping!!!!

  • j said:

    again to my vegan friends….burger buns are not VEgan.