the lowdown: Blue Pig | 5026 SE Division St., Portland, OR 97206 | 503.231.2775 | Website | Entrees $4.95 – $10.95 | ***

Seriously large portions and the best build your own tofu scramble in town!

It seems every week I am updating a blog post to indicate the restaurant has closed. It saddens me each time because not only does it mean lost jobs and vacant storefronts; in most cases it is one less restaurant for us to enjoy. Even Great Harvest stopped baking vegan muffins and scones, apparently they aren’t recession proof. Last week I would I have told you the recession hadn’t affected me or anyone I was close to, but stark news a few days ago proved that the recession’s dark cloud was looming in my proximity and had captured someone I love. Despite the recently passed stimulus plan, I continue to feel a combination of helplessness, anger, and fear. How much more can we lose? I think it is only a matter of time until we find out.

A few weeks ago we broke our brunch dry spell by checking out Blue Pig on Division. A quaint diner with a subtle 50′s era feel, mostly due to the waiter’s t-shirt with rolled up sleeves and 501′s. Although your choices are limited to the tofu scramble, don’t be turned off because for $9.95 you can build your own scramble and include as much or as little of the items for the same price! With options includeing olives, peppers, vegan sausage, broccoli and onions to name a few, I was tempted to order the entire list! All portions are large, as is the soup mug sized latte! Blue Pig is a relative new-comber having only opened their doors last July. My hope is folks will return for the value if nothing else.

10 Comments to "The Surviving Blue Pig"

  • Anne said:

    hooray for them not charging more for more add-ins! i hate when places try to pull that crap

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Me too! This is the only place I have been that doesn’t charge at least $1.50 per item!

  • Denny said:

    ohhh it saddens me to read the first paragraph but hon you’re gonna be okay…we’re all gonna be okay. As George Michael sang “gotta have faith, faith faith”

    MMMMM I love tofu scramble and it’s just one of those things you never grow tired off!

    Thanks for the great review babe!:D Glad to see your tummy was well-fed!

  • CM said:

    I know, these are tough times for many people and it’s hard not to feel anxiety. But I agree with Denny’s appropriate use of a George Michael lyric. :) It’s gotta get better for everyone. And in the meantime, your blog cheers me and makes me hungry for Portland! YUMMY scramble in a YUMMY city!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey Denny – How is it you always know how to make me feel better??? Seriously! George Michael knew it best so I am going to trust his lyrics! Thank you!

    Hi CM – You are so so so sweet. I am glad my blog can cheer you up!

  • Denny said:

    haha Megs I have no idea but whatever I am doing, I am glad it’s working! And heeeey I am so glad I could help out with the wedding! If you do decide to use that quotation…ohhh how I wish I could be there!! xoxoxo

    ps: everyone is hungry for portland…megs you meanie you!

  • jd said:

    whoa! thanks for the tip – I’ve been to North before but nothing else on that immediate strip. Must check it out!
    I hope things are better Megan <3


  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey Denny! I am totally serious about using that poem for vows. I need to talk it over with Scott :)

    Hi Jess!!! I am heading straight to your blog to find out what North is…

  • jd said:

    Hey Megan! Never reviewed North – I think the best they have for eating is a hummus plate, minus the feta…. I like the atmosphere though, and even before the smoking ban you could breathe in there!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hi JD! Smoking is definitely a good thing!!!