the lowdown: Soul Vegetarian | 879 Ralph David Abernathy SW, Atlanta, GA 30310 | 404.752.5194 | Lunch, Dinner | Entrees $6 – $12 | *****

Unsuspected food in an unsuspecting place!

Despite taking a 2 week hiatus from this blog, I am still here and kicking with a backlog of things to write about! To recap, I got engaged, turned 30, went to Montreal for my birthday, set a wedding date, booked a wedding location and photographer, planned our honeymoon, started a new school term on the topic of Financial Management, and rejoiced at our new president! Who cares about all of that stuff anyway, we are here to talk about food! En route to Montreal we had a layover in Atlanta. No sooner did we find ourselves a seat at the gate than we realized our flight was canceled due to freezing rain and the next flight wasn’t until the morning. I immediately jumped on the internet to research vegan friendly restaurants and stumbled upon vegetarian African soul food!

Soul Vegetarian is a worldwide chain with two locations in Atlanta. When we asked the cab driver to drive us to Ralph David Abernathy he pause and asked us for the address again. We repeated it and he said “Are you sure that is where you want to go?” We were certain we needed some good food to lift our spirits from the debacle of being stuck in Atlanta with no baggage, so we asked him to press on. Apparently he was concerned for our safety. Nonetheless, we arrived to a dining room filled with vinyl booths and servers dressed head to toe in traditional African garb. The menu was entirely vegan and included burger and sandwich options with a choice of fries or onion rings and accompanied by a salad. They offer a full buffet and juice bar equipped with the makings for a mean banana split. Sadly I left without a trace of the menu and nothing of the sort is posted on their site. Although I am leaving you with no details, you better hope to god that wherever your travels take you Soul Vegetarian is nearby.

8 Comments to "Soul Vegetarian Saved My Soul"

  • Anne said:

    my connecting flight is in atlanta tomorrow! now i almost want my atlanta to portland flight to be canceled >.<

  • denny said:

    Sometimes off the beaten path is the funnest although plane delays are def not!

    hahaha you’re such a tease with the no description let the pictures do the talking…

    those burgers look mighty good tho, and the fries..ILOVEFRIES!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    I’m sorry I am so terrible with product descriptions…I really dropped the ball on this one :) Can you just trust me that it is good?? ;)

    Happy flight Anne!!!

  • jd said:

    welcome back, megan!

    How cool that you got to check out Soul Veg. I hear raves about their mac and cheeze! Those meals look great.

  • laura said:

    I grew up in Atlanta (in PDX now) and Soul Veg is famous there. I nearly laughed out loud at the cab driver being reticent to drop you off on Ralph David Abernathy.

    thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  • Chelsea said:

    Awesome! Buffets are the shiznit!!!

    P.S. I got trout. haha

  • VeganFabulous said:

    hey JD! It feels weird having been gone from blogging for so long!

    Yo Laura – Seriously?! Awesome. Is Ralph David that bad?!

    Hey hey hey Chelsea! Trout never dies!

  • Jess - The Domestic Vegan said:

    YUM!!! I so want those foods in my mouth right now. :)