the lowdown: Tommy O’s Pacific Rim Grill | 4101 SE 192nd Ave., Vancouver, WA 98683 | 360.892.2484 | Website | Lunch, Dinner | Entrees $8 – $14 | ***

Reasonably appetizing Vancouver option.

My 30th birthday is nearing and this year we decided to skip town and head to Montreal for the big celebration, however, I was torn at the thought of turning 30 in isolation from my friends and family. In previous years I have thrown parties where I ended up blistering drunk or hyper-stressed with party details. Either way I spent the next day fraught with regret. With hesitation, I threw myself a birthday party complete with Dove Vivi pizza and a Sweet Pea Baking Mocha Chocolate Cake. The party was a smashing success and I’ve never had so much fun at my own party! Not only have I learned to give myself second chances but I have begun to do the same for others, including restaurants.

Tommy O’s has now embarked on franchise status with a new location having recently debuted in one of the many tired strip malls blanketing Camas, Washington. This new restaurant turned out to be the perfect location for my grandmother and I to meet for our traditional birthday celebration. The decor of this classy brother establishment includes dim lighting, bamboo tables, and Asian inspired flatware. The menu is a step above but the service staff haven’t quite ironed out all the details. There are only two vegan options and I ordered them both, starting with the Tofu Wraps ($8) accompanied with sweet chili sauce and the Tofu Stir Fry ($12). The stir fry arrived very dry forcing me to ask for a serving of sweet chili sauce, but that completed the large dish of fresh vegetables and brown rice. Overall I was happy with the meal and experience and would recommend it to anyone looking for a vegan dish among the baron options in Vancouver.

10 Comments to "Tommy O’s – Second Chances"

  • denny said:

    i havent been to the couv in ages…would def love to go there again. thanks for the recommendation.

    i really wished i was there for your party. sigh.

    i hope u have a marvelous time in montreal. look at some poutin for me. i wouldn’t eat those but i dont know what else they eat up there. lol …besides canadian bacon. i’m terrible:(

  • VeganFabulous said:

    I’m back! We had a great time wandering the city!!! When you make it to Portland, the Couv is the last place you will want to go!!! Too much to do in PDX!

  • denny said:

    Hey Miss BusyBee….hehe yea that is true. What was I thinking wanting to go to the Couv….PDX is where it’s at!


    *wishing really hard to make it there.will happen…just don’t know when:|

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey! OMG this week has been terrible. I finally get to be home tonight but I will be reading Finance stuff. I got your postcard. So great to get something in the mail :)

  • Anne said:

    I’ve never ventured to the land of the ‘Couv, and from what I’ve read in this and previous posts and from what I’ve heard from people, I don’t think I’ll ever make it a point to go there!

    I have heard rumor there’s like a raw cafe there though?!?!

  • Anne said:


    that raw cafe…vancouver b.c.

  • VeganFabulous said:

    hehe! I was totally fooled by the raw cafe in Vancouer, BC! I thought it was in Vancouver, Wa too. damn!

  • denny said:

    hehe coolness..surprise mails are always too cool.

    Guess what lil’ annie said to me…I have a place to stay when I’m there…

    NOW I REALLY WANT TO BE THERE…you guys are all so fabulous!!!

    Just don’t take me to a raw cafe…please! lol

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Are you serious??? That is great! When can you make it to Portland???

    No worries about raw cafes, there aren’t many around here actually :)

  • denny said:

    The intention to go is strong, esp if you buddies are around and I have a place to stay…lol…

    money in the piggie bank begins now?

    Yea, I am very old school…only salads can be raw:( boo!

    Hope all is well with you dear….less crazed!