the lowdown: Alleyway Cafe & Bar | 2415 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211 | 503.287.7760 | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Happy Hour | Items $5 – $8.50 | ***

Chill out with some options.

I had been to Alleyway Cafe once before. It was a Friday night, the place was hopping, and the folks sitting immediately behind us were obnoxiously intoxicated and so loud we couldn’t hear ourselves think! I had my eye on the veggie burger but we opted to leave before our eardrums popped. Luckily this weekend I had another chance to go and let me say that the morning after at Alleyway is much different. Get there before 11am and you will be the only kids there!

Alleyway Cafe is the former Local Beet in an aluminum covered building with an expansive covered outdoor seating. The dining room is very minimal offering a no frills dining experience with local art being the only noticeable decor. The menu is a quick read with one vegan option, however, the server offered to sub tofu in any of the other dishes. The $7 scramble, made of Kalamata olives, spinach, and tomatoes, was well, just a basic scramble. Although the potatoes were darn crispy and good, the entire portion was rather small. I found myself reaching for the menu to order something else! Needless to say, Alleyway is a fine choice if you are in the area looking for food with friends think Vita Cafe is too hippie, otherwise, go to Vita.

4 Comments to "Alleyway Cafe – Definitely Maybe"

  • jess said:

    The meal doesn’t sound that interesting (as you spell out), but I like the title of this post!

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey Jess! The title just came to me in a fit of exhaustion. I was about to use the title ‘Too tired to care’ but then I realized that it would have sounded really bad for the restaurant when I was really referring to myself!

  • TJF said:

    I had dinner at the Alleyway once, the “provincial plate” or something like that. It was pretty good, baked tofu was tasty but maybe a little bland, but they were nice…I would say the portions are maybe a little small, but the food is done with care, considering it’s basically a bar at night. I seem to recall some fancy sounding fries on the menu that lots of people were taking advantage of. I’ve been thinking about going back.

  • VeganFabulous said:

    Hey TJF! I agree, I noticed the care in my food as well. The portion thing is what gets me because I hate being hungry after I just finished eating!